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  • Diamond Patterns

    Diamond-Patterns are scaffolds for knowledge work. Use patterns to go faster.

  • Diamond Accounting

    Diamond-Accounting helps you manage your books.

  • Routine

    An activity is routine when it is performed daily. More or less. Taken together, all this book’s activities are known as Routine.

  • Gthnk

    Gthnk is a personal knowledge management system. Capture your ideas using plain old text files.

  • Flask Diamond

    Flask-Diamond is a batteries-included Flask framework, written in Python.

  • Routine

    Routine, the book, is a blueprint for living.

  • Project System

    Create workspaces for projects and manage them.

  • Spring

    spring's verdant sunrain / gallop, galumph on all fours / climb seeing farther

  • Fred Rogers International Airport

    We call upon the Allegheny County Airport Authority and the City of Pittsburgh to officially name our airport - Fred Rogers International Airport.

  • Pub2

    Pub2 is a self-publishing framework that integrates with Jekyll to provide LaTeX publishing.

  • Bobble Studio

    The way you use this is you speak into the mic and the bobble head moves.

  • gthnk

    I want to share with you my method for chronicling my life's work, which I call gthnk.

  • Deep Ocean Cuisine

    The deep ocean is filled with exotic and probably-tasty delights.

  • Outside-in Dashboard

    The outside-in dashboard is a display that keeps me constantly connected with my immediate surroundings, including weather and public transit.

  • Read on Chrome with Ghostery enabled

    I formerly recommended ghostery, but I now do not.

  • Design Documentation for The Sims, by Maxis

    Somebody posted the internal company documentation behind the creative process of designing one of the most popular games of the 2000s, "The Sims."

  • The Mystery of Stuffmonger's Pure Tan

    Did John McAfee, the anti-virus pioneer, discover a new and potentially revolutionary drug called SPT in his Belizean jungle laboratory?

  • Archiving a website for offline viewing

    It's the multi-page version of save-as. You give it some urls to archive and it puts all the stuff into a single archive file.

  • Work Journal

    I'm currently integrating my work journal with my todo list. It's a pretty long-term project, so this post is just a placeholder for more information to come.

  • A better way to read (at 350 words per minute)

    co-read - to visually scan a document while that document's words are raidly spoken to you using text-to-speech (TTS) software.

  • Scanning a textbook

    A technique for digitizing a textbook.

  • The rise of image macros

    Although the term is applicable to any sort of cultural object that can be imitated and mutated, the Internet Meme has risen to particular prominence.

  • Swandive

    Swandive creates an encrypted VPN that you can use to safely access the Internet from an unprotected network.

  • Xenadu - a tool for managing system configurations

    Originally, Xenadu was specialized for creating Xen guest images, but I now use it to administer both virtual and physical machines.

  • The Giraffe Gaffe

    If you ever need proof that truth is stranger than fiction, simply give this story a read

  • When a newspaper "rips off" your blog, then taunts you about it...

    I've been having a lot of fun with this Petite Lap Giraffe thing, but I came across a totally fascinating situation today.

  • Petite Lap Giraffes - Real?

    I have to admit I was totally amazed to see a real, live Petite Lap Giraffe walking around on a live video feed, straight from Russia.

  • The Internet is important for Canadian innovation

    UBB would be devastating to in Canada.

  • ANT asa-lab data utility

    Process data files generated by Advanced Neuro Technology asalab EEG suite.

  • Using consistent key mappings across OS X applications

    OS X makes it very easy to control keystroke combinations - and I'll show you how to do this yourself.

  • handy utility - watchpaths

    Imagine you are working on a set of files on your computer, and each time you change one of those files, you want to run a program to process the files again.

  • Passwords, and the Apple Keychain

    Reflections upon the use of passwords.

  • There's a spider in the kitchen

    I noticed a spider in the corner of the kitchen, so I zoomed in for a closer look.

  • The Reverse Auction

    In the end, a reverse auction has the same consequence as a forward auction - you find the single individual who is willing to pay the most.

  • The fastest way to download a youtube video

    Demonstration of using lsof to download a video from youtube. This worked in 2010 but probably doesn't work today.

  • localshow only plays music videos for the bands playing in your city.

  • zoodown

    Zoodown is an animal website for people of all ages.

  • warp trail

    As I was moving from the US west coast to the US east coast, and then to Canada, I was also experimenting with digital audio processing techniques.

  • Posting this before it's cool - Hipster jokes

    How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

  • iPhone live

    This is an electronic device that plugs into an iPod, iPad, or iPhone. It can be used to monitor and record a musical instrument at the same time.

  • globescrape

    Create an archival dataset of news articles on a national news website.

  • How is it 2009 and we still can't write dates in a coherent way?

    I have a problem with the way "we" write dates, but in particular, I have a problem with the totally inconsistent way people are writing dates in Canada.

  • curl - HTTP/1.1 100 CONTINUE and multipart/form-data POST

    In the end, this comes down to the HTTP 1.1 100 CONTINUE response code, which plays a critical role in HTTP 1.1 POST.

  • The Free Beer Speech House - discussing the meaning of the word "free"

    Once upon a time, I took a class based on a single question - "what is freedom?"

  • nujob

    I built an online job aggregation service called "nujob" targeting the University of Toronto

  • My experience with semantic dementia, or how I am coping with my reformatted laptop

    A mostly-complete system backup leaves me with a feeling that much more has been forgotten.

  • Wireless Security in 2009 - Recommendations

    This post collects some of my research and observations, and it concludes with my recommendations for how you can secure your own wireless network.

  • To do in Ontario - Hell Holes Nature Trails

    I know what you're thinking. "I've got to visit Hell Holes Nature Trails, once and for all."

  • In my handwriting, thousands of digits of Pi

    For obvious reasons, I felt it would be excellent to render Pi using my handwriting.

  • The remarkable number 1/89

    Wow - this is a surprising finding

  • Yellowdot

    This software will create a PNG containing yellow dots that can then be overlaid onto existing printer output.

  • spiderviz

    Spiderviz will follow (spider) the links of a website, remembering which pages linked to which.

  • Emotion Health and Psychophysiology Lab website

    I provided a complete website consultation and production for the Emotion Health and Psychophysiology Lab at Harvard.

  • knews

    a different way to interact with social news, by enabling authors to concentrate on the inter-linking of stories instead of writing summaries.

  • Mountain! Mountain!

    Unlike any game invented, there is as much strategy building the board as there is playing on it. As complex as chess, but only takes minutes to learn!

  • Factoid

    While living in Oakland, California, I enjoyed playing live music with my friends, Aaron and Luis, in an arrangement so informal that we never had a name.

  • fiat

    A software project management framework, specializing in web applications and web sites.

  • Server Cabinet

    With a limited budget, I constructed a physical cabinet structure for housing rack-mount hardware.

  • really ugly monkey

    Music from the early 2000s.

  • Digital Resource Study

    I worked on the Digital Resource Study at the Center for Studies in Higher Education between Fall 2003 and Spring 2006.

  • open source survey

    It's the multi-page version of save-as. You give it some urls to archive and it puts all the stuff into a single archive file.

  • Friendship Study

    During 2003 and 2004 I wrote an online data collection tool for a research project at UC Berkeley.

  • light reflected

    From a library of images taken by ourselves, we produced a series of three photography books.

  • Not Just Another Stroop Experiment - Extension

    an E-Prime experiment to measure millisecond-level reaction time differences in a strategy experiment.

  • The Game Show

    The Game Show was a series of videos that transformed familiar Pittsburgh locations into the surreal by juxtaposing unexpected audio and visual events with mundane scenes.

  • WRCT evening news

    As a member of a Pittsburgh-area college radio station (WRCT 88.3 FM), I co-produced the weekday evening news during two semesters.

  • Memories of Duquesne Telecommunity

    Duquesne University enriched my life as a kid.