From a library of images taken by ourselves, we produced a series of three photography books. By spreading different images across three different books, and then giving individual copies to friends and family, we encouraged people to look at other people’s books in order to see the entire series. About a dozen copies of each of the three books were produced.

It is actually something of a trick to bind this book. The proofs are available here:

To create one book, print the introduction and the proofs for that book. Then, cut the entire pile of output in half, horizontally through the portrait-oriented pages. Now the book is 8.5-inches wide by 5.5-inches tall. Bind it on the left edge, slap a cover on it, and it’s ready.

  • all original photography
  • laid out for print in Open Office
  • successful double-sided printing
  • custom-bound

This article was originally written June 1, 2013.