“Unlike any game invented, there is as much strategy building the board as there is playing on it. As complex as chess, but only takes minutes to learn!”

Mountain Mountain is a strategy card game created one lazy afternoon, and played later that evening among friends. It turned out to be so much fun that I formalized the concept and figured out how to produce it on a larger scale. At present, there are several dozen copies in circulation, spanning 3 major revisions.

  • completely original game with unique gameplay and rules
  • evaluated many product designs to finalize form factor
  • managed all logistics to order parts from many manufacturers
  • low-tolerance double-sided printing
  • created brand identity used in game, website, and sales materials
  • original artwork for game tin, game cards, and rules
  • rigorous lexicon of in-game language ensures consistency of rules

This article was originally written June 1, 2013.