Swandive creates an encrypted VPN that you can use to safely access the Internet from an unprotected network. There are several types of VPN out there, but Swandive is the first (easy) solution that is supported, out-of-the-box, by the iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Swandive is built using Openswan, which implements the widely-adopted IPSec standard, meaning there are tons of VPN clients that are compatible with Swandive. IPSec/L2TP is supported natively by OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, routers, and other devices. It is possible to create multiple accounts to share a single Swandive server among friends.

Whether you are accessing the Internet at a coffee shop, at work, or on the road… whether it is a laptop, a smartphone, a server… in all cases, if you do not trust the network you are using, then you should be encrypting your traffic. Swandive is the universal encrypted VPN.