I moved to Canada in the summer of 2009, and work visa in hand, I started looking for a job. Three things came of this:

  • I built an online job aggregation service called “nujob” targeting the University of Toronto
  • I completed a major revision of this website in the pursuit of a comprehensive resume
  • Ultimately, I applied to grad school (and was accepted)

Although the point about grad school is the most important, I couldn’t have gotten there without the rest of it. Nujob was a pretty cool project because it necessitated a deep-dive into Django, the python web framework. The project also involved reverse-engineering an insane enterprise-level human resources system. It was all for the sweet, sweet employment information. In the end, I created a personal RSS from the data.

I ended up reusing these techniques on a different project called Globescrape that also involved a strange reverse-engineering and scraping task.

This article was originally written June 1, 2013.