Yeah, yeah…  I know what you’re thinking: “I’ve got to visit Hell Holes Nature Trails, once and for all.”

Don’t worry - I’m with you.  When you’re driving down 401, you can’t help but wonder what the sign is all about.

hell holes highway sign off 401

Well, you’re not alone; I’ve wondered about this sign, too.  It’s not like I’ve been to Hell Holes Nature Trails, but it’s officially on the list, and who could pass up this kind of opportunity?

hell holes sign

I particularly like how the couple above are looking at the scary endless pit (i.e. a hell hole) on the right-hand side of the picture.

Apparently we had no problem maintaining 100km/h as we left the Trails in our dust, but after reading a few things about it, I must say that Hell Holes sounds pretty cool.  To wit:

Visit the Devil’s Horsestable Cave. Descend 7.5 metres to the depths of the Hell Hole that widens into a cavern approx. 2.5 X 3.5 metres. (FLASHLIGHT REQUIRED)

Cross a natural stone bridge. Adventure downward below the bridge and notice the atmosphere of a mini like rain forest. This area is plentiful in small mammals.

Walk through a rugged criss-crossing gorge with over-hanging ledges, grottos, flowerpots, mushroom shaped rocks and sinkholes.

Enjoy a 3.2 km self-guided tour through a unique geological area of Eastern Ontario.

Step back in time to explore the rock formations that were created during the glacial period and see rare plants that have developed over the area. Visit our Log Cabin Snack Bar and Gift Shop.

Picnic area, playground and mini golf are also available. Admission: Adults $6.50, Youths (5-15) $4.50, Children under 5: FREE

Read the rest here

So we can only dream, right?  Some day, I hope to visit Hell Holes Nature Trails.  Until then, I must drive on by.