During 2003 and 2004 I wrote an online data collection tool for a research project at UC Berkeley. This project obtained daily dairy entries from dozens of friend-pairs. The software was responsible for de-identifying the data results while maintaining the ability to contact participants via email. The survey instrument itself was much more sophisticated that even current commercial offerings (e.g. Surveymonkey) because there were many cases where participants’ previous responses were re-used to customize many of the questions.

The results of this research were published as:

Page-Gould, E., Mendoza-Denton, R., & Tropp, L. R. (2008). With a little help from my cross-group friend: Reducing anxiety in intergroup contexts through cross-group friendship. Journal of personality and social psychology, 95(5), 1080.

This article was originally written June 1, 2013.