• Bobble Studio The way you use this is you speak into the mic and the bobble head moves.
  • gthnk I want to share with you my method for chronicling my life's work, which I call gthnk.
  • Outside-in Dashboard The outside-in dashboard is a display that keeps me constantly connected with my immediate surroundings, including weather and public transit.
  • Archiving a website for offline viewing It's the multi-page version of save-as. You give it some urls to archive and it puts all the stuff into a single archive file.


  • localshow only plays music videos for the bands playing in your city.
  • zoodown Zoodown is an animal website for people of all ages.
  • nujob I built an online job aggregation service called "nujob" targeting the University of Toronto
  • Emotion Health and Psychophysiology Lab website I provided a complete website consultation and production for the Emotion Health and Psychophysiology Lab at Harvard.
  • knews a different way to interact with social news, by enabling authors to concentrate on the inter-linking of stories instead of writing summaries.
  • Server Cabinet With a limited budget, I constructed a physical cabinet structure for housing rack-mount hardware.


  • warp trail As I was moving from the US west coast to the US east coast, and then to Canada, I was also experimenting with digital audio processing techniques.
  • Factoid While living in Oakland, California, I enjoyed playing live music with my friends, Aaron and Luis, in an arrangement so informal that we never had a name.
  • The Game Show The Game Show was a series of videos that transformed familiar Pittsburgh locations into the surreal by juxtaposing unexpected audio and visual events with mundane scenes.